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Mike Fontenot A Bust?

By bullpenbrian at 03.04.2010 Leave a comment.

It’s obvious the Cubs need rebound years from Zambrano, Soriano and Soto to compete, but Mike Fontenot is on that list, too.

If for no other reason than allowing Piniella to rest Ryan Theriot, who played a career-high 154 games last season.

By the numbers, September has proven to be Theriot’s worst month. And the popular theory is the shortstop is simply run-down come the stretch-run.

Fontenot, of course, isn’t to blame entirely for Theriot’s iron-man season of 2009. Aramis’ shoulder injury forced the little man to third for most of the year, which perhaps, also contributed to his struggles offensively.

Nonetheless, relinquishing the second base job to Jeff Baker and posting the worst OPS (.677) of any Cub regular did little to help Fontenot solidify a return season in Chicago.

But the Cubs felt otherwise, showing their faith in Fontenot by re-singing him to a one-year deal.

Now it’s up to Fontenot, and in particular his bat, to return the favor–to both Theriot and the organization.

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