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Angel Guzman A Lost Cause

By bullpenbrian at 03.08.2010 Leave a comment.

Raise your right hand if you think Angel Guzman has a future on the North Side.

My hand isn’t raised, and even if Guzman believes it, he probably can’t lift his hand above his shoulder.

I’m not making fun of–Guzman’s story is truly unfortunate. The kid’s golden arm is in shambles. And the Cubs, meanwhile, would be better off forgetting about this guy all together. A lost cause? You bet.

Remember, even a healthy Guzman had the Cubs’ pen in question. Now it’s an open sore and Jim Hendry has his hands full repairing the loss of the team’s best set-up arm.

What GM, after all, will provide a sleeping giant like Chicago a valuable bullpen arm? Most likely none, unless Hendry decides to deal some coveted prospects.

That’s never a popular solution with the masses, but in this case it’s absolutely necessary–popular or not.

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