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Credit Hendry For Defending Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 03.11.2010 2 comments.

Milton The Terrible is at it again, this time jabbing the Cubs in his interview with ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez.

Jim Hendry, appropriately, is taking a stand against Bradley, sticking up for himself and the Cubs organization. I say, good for him.

“We’re all brought up in life to accept responsibility when we fail, and to judge people by how they act and how they carry themselves when things don’t go well.” “Bradley needs to look in the mirror,” Hendry said.

Who better than Hendry to joust Milton back. It was Hendry, after all, who risked his own neck to sign Bradley, and who stood along side Bradley despite his struggles.

And when the whole fiasco turned into a dumpster fire he did the only thing he could, which was the only option Bradley left him–trading the disgruntled outfielder.

It’s not that Hendry wasn’t deserving of the heat. I called for his head at the time. But this wasn’t the first time or the last time Hendry will hear the backlash of Cubs fans.

But criticism comes with the territory–especially in a baseball-savvy market like Chicago.

What’s important, however, is Hendry’s calm demeanor in handling such pressure with poise, most notably admitting on the record that signing Bradley was his ‘mistake.’

I, for one, gained much respect for his honesty, and will assume so did many of the Cubs players.

Standing by while Milton rips the organization would be another mistake on Hendry’s part. But this time the GM got it right. And I’ll credit him for that, too.

Defending his club from the very situation he created an offseason ago may have just saved Hendry’s career. How funny this game can be!

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  1. What really bothers me about the Milton thing is that nobody in the main stream media calls him out for being what he is, Crazy.

    That interview was annoying to say the least. Never once does she ask him whether or not he brings anything on himself, which we know he would deny.

    The guy has a clinical disorder, period.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    I agree some pointed follow-up questions would’ve been interesting, but it’s likely Milton laid out a few ‘contentions’ for Dominguez before committing to the interview.

    For certain, you’re spot-on about the media’s unwillingness to call Bradley crazy on-air, but they don’t have too!

    Just letting Bradley speak his mind, follow-up Q’s or not, says all we need to know about him. The man’s CLEARLY delusional!

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