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MLB’s Best Uniforms

By bullpenbrian at 04.21.2010 5 comments.

The Mets have one of the best uniforms in all of baseball…too bad they never wear them.

The addition of ‘black’ in 1998 as the team’s official third color, accompanying the Royal Blue & Orange, looked bad then…and still looks bad now.

I’ve said before…the Mets are way over-thinking its uniform changes.

Going back to the all-blue cap with the interlocking orange “NY puts them back in the league’s upper-crust of uniforms. As it stands, however, they’re near rock bottom.

I’ve posted some of my favorite digs below…in no particular order. And the Cubs, of course, are a given!

  • Yankees – A classic, regardless of the payroll.
  • Giants – The off-whites are stylish and a perfect complement to SBC Park.
  • Tigers – Another classic. Old Englsh style ‘D’ is awesome.
  • Seattle – The Mariners, meaning Griffey Jr., made the color teal cool.
  • Dodgers – Simple. Clean. Classic.
  • Boston – Sticking with tradition…I like that.
  • St. Louis – Birds on the bat remains a staple.
  • Milwaukee – Original look. Modern. Fits nicely with Miller Park, too.
  • White Sox – This is how you style black.
  • Cincinnati – Ditched the black four years ago. Now back near the top.
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  1. J.Cunningham says:

    Mets are pond scum, but I agree for sure. Their home white pinstripes are very sharp.

    Can I make a motion … rid the league of alternate/batting practice jerseys. Whites at home, grays on the road, and end it!

  2. Hey!

    Fully love the blog – it’s really interesting, I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

    (Totally agree on your pick of the best uniforms by the way – especially re. the Mets!).

    All the best,


  3. Nathan says:

    Some of the alternates are pretty cool. I like the San Diego Padres Camo.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Not a camo fan myself, but I understand the importance of it in San Diego.
      And look, if Pads fans like the jerseys, it’s worth keeping.

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