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Lilly Up, Samardzija Down

By bullpenbrian at 04.25.2010 Leave a comment.

Look at the numbers Ted Lilly’s put up in his last three starts against Milwaukee…a club that feasts on NL pitching.

3-0 record…24.1 innings pitched…6 earned runs…21 Ks…and just 4 walks. Outstanding!

Again, is there any question who the staff ace is? HELLO…it’s Teddy, people!


Jeff Samardzija has major league stuff…but he won’t throw strikes.

Doesn’t matter if you’re starting or relieving…you can’t pitch behind in the count successfully…Samardzija himself being the latest example.

Of course is doesn’t help the Cubs keep bouncing him between starter and reliever roles…but he’s pro…and pros should know to throw strikes with consistency.

Why does it take a demotion to drive the point home? And why is this message so hard for him to receive?


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