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Moving Stinks, So Do The Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 04.29.2010 Leave a comment.

I’m on the move this week.

New condo on the north side of the ol’ hood…just off Clark Street…$8,000 tax credit in the making!

We’re moving stuff by the truck load…before Cubs games…after Cubs games…resting in-between!

No home TV…no home internet…at least for the next few days. That’s cheating death in my world.

ANYWAY, is Chicago losing the division in April?

Cubs drop a home series against Houston…now another against Washington.

These are teams the Cubs should beat…especially at home.

Lou is without answers…the lineup without runs…and Mt. Zambrano is rumbling.

Ryan Dempster deserves better. He’s pitched terrific…despite virtually zero run support. The lineup should feel ashamed.

Pat & Ron this afternoon on WGN…like old time baseball…no TV, no Internet!

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