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Should Cubs Fire Lou?

By bullpenbrian at 05.18.2010 4 comments.

I’d hate to see the Cubs fire Lou, but it’s worth consideration.

Look no further than the visiting Rockies who fell 10-games below .500 last May before firing Clint Hurdle in favor of Jim Tracy.

The Rocks thrived under Tracy going 74-42…set a franchise-record for wins, 92, and captured the NL Wild Card. Tracy earned Manager of the Year honors, as well.

But could the same hold true for our Cubbies this season? Perhaps, if Lou’s likely replacement, Alan Trammell, garners the same response Tracy received from Colorado.

Of course, there’s no guarantee either will happen…Lou being fired…or a Cubs resurgence under Trammell. But considering I called the season a wash Saturday…I wouldn’t rule out a changing of the guard come June.

No question it’d be a sad and unfortunate ending for Sweet Lou’s career…the scapegoat for an underachieving club with the major’s third highest payroll.

But the latest reality of the 2010 season has the Cubs missing the playoffs…unless, of course, something changes…like the manager.

I’d hate to see the Cubs can Lou…but at its current pace, sadly, it might be the only option left to salvage the season.

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  1. Rossie says:

    Lou should not be fired. He has managed the team well. He has show faith in Aram and D. Lee. It will be rewarded, hopefully. Theyn are proven performers. The same is true for Lou. Have faith in him. He knows more than you think. When he puts Star Castro in the second spot, he can explain why, in detail it is a good move. He attacks the media for engaging in stupid questioning. It is the media that must improve, not Lou. They get to write about him, and that gives them the power to make you believe what they want you to believe.
    He has the job of manager and they do not.
    They report, he manages. Do not be confused. I include blogers. Listen to Dan Pompei. He is one reporter writer that knows what he is doing.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Indeed, I do have full faith in Lou…Aramis…and D-Lee!
      I hope they’re all back next season, as well.
      We know Ramirez is the club’s MVP…when right. And Lee rebounded from a slow start last season…could do the same in 2010, too.
      But our Cubs, however, are running out of time…they’re in desperation mode, as noted by Lou’s tinkering with the lineup and rotation.
      Nothing has really worked, which makes us wonder what it will take to turn the season around?
      As I’ve said before, firing Lou IS NOT my answer…but if the Cubs keep falling, his job, right or wrong, is in jeopardy.
      I’ve yet to hear anyone in the media call for Lou’s head…but you can’t discredit their opinions about improving the situation…these writers follow the game day-in-and day-out. We might not like what they have to say…but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong, either!
      The bottom line is this…Chicago is far too talented to be playing this poorly…personally, Lou may not be at fault…but ultimately, the record falls on his shoulders.
      I hope the Cubs stick with Lou…and I hope they climb back in to the Central race.
      If not, however, I’m open to some alternatives…even if that means a few coaching changes.
      Love Pampei and thanks for checking in!

  2. Mordecai Brown says:

    Firing Lou would certainly be an easy solution. Obviously it would drive Ramierez to 30 HR, 125 RBI, Lee to similar numbers, and radically improve Soriano’s fielding. Zambrano would win 20 games for the first time ever, and Dempster, Wells, Silva, and Lilly would all win 15 each.
    Now back to reality. If you presuppose all of the above stats, then you must believe that the pieces are already in place to win the Central Division or a wild card. I don’t hear a groundswell of support for the notion that firing Lou will instantly make this team perform up to expectations. I suspect if Trammel had a magic solution to every problem he would already be sharing it with Lou, since he’s Lou’s bench coach and main support.

    What I see clearly is that Lee is way over the hill as a hitter and that his glove will not justify keeping him at 1b this season. 2009 was his last hurrah. The only reason he’s out there is that we have no ready replacement. Micah Hoffpauer is hitting .190 at 3A.

    Zambrano is no help in the sagging bullpen. He’s once again the classic guy with the million dollar arm and ten cent head. There’s a rotation spot begging for him in Washington or Toronto and the Cubs ought to expedite him finding it by swallowing much of his bloated contract and accepting a so-so minor leaguer for him.

    The future is on board now, in Colvin, Castro, Soto, Caridad, Marmol, Wells, and Marshall. They cannot carry the Cubs to the world series this year, but maybe the vets, Soriano, Ramierez, Fukudome, Nady, etc., can do it this year with a seasoned and wily Pinella directing them. The current team is not perfect, but neither are any of their NL Central rivals.

    So we roll the dice this year with the team we have, then we clean house for 2011 and turn the team over to Sandberg who has managed almost all of the prospective next generation in the minors. We just might win two division championships in a row with two very different rosters. Let’s give Lou one last chance; he’s earned it. So has Jim Hendry for that matter. Compare the last three seasons with any three since 1973 (or maybe 1945)and you’ll agree with me.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Terrific comment. Love it!
      Agreed…Lou is deserving of more time…Zambrano is not essential to winning a championship…and the future IS NOW!
      I will, however, disagree about D-Lee. I don’t think he’s over-the-hill…and I still believe his glove is invaluable defensively.
      Derrek rebounded from a slow start last season…he could do the same in 2010. No question the Cubs need his bat in the middle of the order….maybe not at the No. 3, though…and as you pointed out…they’re really without any replacement for him.
      Love your enthusiasm…many good points…all well taken!
      Look forward to hearing from you again.

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