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Cubs’ Dream Is Blackhawks’ Reality

By bullpenbrian at 05.24.2010 Leave a comment.

It’s been awesome watching the Blackhawks celebrate its trip to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Reminds me of the Cubs celebrating its division titles in 2007 & ’08…TV cameras swarming the locker room…player interviews…the anticipation of a possible world championship!

I just hope the Blackhawks take advantage…because you never known when they’ll get back, as evident from its last Finals appearance in 1992.

Reaching the mountain top comes with great difficulties. And despite the Hawks’ core-talent of proven young players, look no further than our Cubbies to remember a good team this year doesn’t guarantee a good team the following one.

The Blackhawks have a tremendous, yet delicate, opportunity to reach the Chicago ranks of the Bulls’, Bears’ and White Sox’s world championship teams.

But a failed chance at returning the Stanley Cup to Chicago will only leave the Hawks wondering, like our Cubs, when that next chance for glory might come again.

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