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Don’t Move Dempster!

By bullpenbrian at 05.26.2010 2 comments.

Forget about Big Z replacing Dempster in the rotation. The Cubs simply can’t afford to lose Dempster’s sparkling consistency as a starter.

Tuesday night was a statement game for the right-hander. He mastered the Dodgers for eight innings: three hits, one walk, seven strikeouts & zero runs…virtually ending any speculation of a return to the bullpen.

Dempster’s lasted six or more innings in all 10 starts…allowing three or fewer runs in seven of those outings.

He’s held the opponent to four or fewer hits half the time…holding right-handed hitters to a .200 average…and lefties to a .210 mark.

Dempster’s also held opponents below the .200 mark during his third trip through the lineup.

The No. 3 & 4 hitters are a combined 9-for-56 against him.

And for good measure, he’s tied for third in the majors with eight sacrifice hits!

There is no case for moving Dempster…except to the No. 1 role! And if Zambrano wants back in the rotation, he can start by pitching like this guy.

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  1. Cuz says:

    Hey Brian,

    Just stumbled on your blog. Good stuff. I just started a Cubs blog myself. Please check it out and feel free to add it to your blog roll. It’s a little more on the humor/nonsense end of the spectrum.


    PS – Was moving Demp to the ‘pen ever mentioned by Lou, or anyone else, as an option?

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Cool site. I’ll make sure to check in!

      Yes, Dempster has been mentioned as an option for the pen’.
      Obviously, he spent several years closing for the Cubs…but there’s no question he’s established himself as a top of the rotation starter.
      Most Cubs fans, like yourself, get this…undertanding Demps’ value is starting, not releiving.
      And for those who think otherwise…well, let’s not penalize Ryan for Big Z’s big-flop, either.
      Get with the program, people!

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