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Cool Hand Luke

By bullpenbrian at 05.31.2010 Leave a comment.

A win Sunday and…

That’s the gist of my post from Saturday night…explaining what a win Sunday would’ve meant for the Cubs.

Instead, Dempster was twice taken to the cleaners by Albert Pujols and the Cards easily took the series, 2-1.

Not exactly one of the 10-best Cubs vs. Cards games of all time, but typical of our Cubs in 2010.

It seems the closer they get to .500, the farther they fall.

Climb back up…fall back down. Big game…big letdown.

It’s like watching Cool hand Luke dig his own ditch…fill it back up, and dig it again.

All we can do is watch and wonder…wonder if these guys will ever get hot…ever turn the corner…or ever get it together to compete for the Central.

It all starts Monday with the beginning of an 11-day, nine game road trip through Pittsburgh, Houston & Milwaukee. Perhaps, the Cubs’ last chance to stop digging its own grave and start climbing out.

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