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Cubs Choke vs. Pittsburgh

By bullpenbrian at 06.01.2010 Leave a comment.

The Cubs can’t beat Pittsburgh, and that’s flat-out embarrassing.

Chicago, with a payroll three times that of Pittsburgh’s, is 1-6 against the Pirates…who were losers of five-straight and 9 of 11, entering Monday’s game.

This month alone the Buccos are 5-17 against the rest on the NL, but somehow manage to knock-the-snot out of our Cubs.

Flip that 1-6 record for Chicago and they’re 30-22 overall and tied for first place in the Central.

As it is, however, the Cubs keep floundering below .500, losing to a team it should beat handedly and jeopardizing its chances at the division.

If the Cubs play no better than they did Monday during this nine-game road trip the season is all but over.

Gimmie a 6-3 trip and I’ll consider the Cubs in contention…at least until the end of June before they again face Pittsburgh!

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