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Cubs Baseball Still Better Than Golf

By bullpenbrian at 06.21.2010 Leave a comment.

I realized two things Sunday afternoon. First, I’d rather watch a World Cup game than the US Open, and secondly, the Cubs can hit good pitching when they want too.

Respectfully speaking, I’ve never been a soccer fan. I’ll blame the low scoring and ridiculously long stretches of boring nothingness.  But is there any televised sport less thrilling to watch than golf? Perhaps bowling, but leave it to the US Open to bore me to near death!

Back to the Cubs…it seems Saturday’s embarrassing loss had a lot to do with the Cubs cranking out 18 hits and 12 runs Sunday. And they did it against Joe Saunders, who’s no push-over on the road.

Zambrano was equally as good on the bump…by far his strongest outing since returning from the pen’, and maybe his best outing all year.

This is the type of baseball we’ve expected since Game 1…from the offense, from Z, from Lou. And if Sunday proved anything, it’s that the Cubs are capable of playing good baseball…good enough to compete, good enough to climbed back to .500, good enough for a second half run.

It’s a sign of life, albeit a brief one, we haven’t seen in weeks…the Cubs playing with desperation, with passion, with pride. They took a solid team to the cleaners Sunday, avoided a home-sweep and skipped town on a high note for Seattle.

If they can keep this edge, which they haven’t done all season, we’ll be in for a real treat come July. Otherwise, we’re looking at a second half about exciting as a televised round of golf!

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