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Joey Votto Disses Marlon Byrd

By bullpenbrian at 07.15.2010 3 comments.

I voted 25 times for Joey Votto’s All Star selection.
When that wasn’t enough, I ‘voted Votto’ again in the Fan’s Choice voting.
No way would I let the NL’s first half MVP get left behind…
even if it was a Cincinnati Red and not a Chicago Cub.

But after Votto’s Bush League move Tuesday night,
refusing to congratulate his fellow teammate Marlon Byrd
because he plays for the rival Cubs, I’m through voting Votto for anything…other than ‘Jerk’ of the NL.

“I don’t like the Cubs,” Votto said.
“And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back.
But because he made that really cool play,
it turned out to be a really cool experience.
I’m really glad we got the win today.”

Somebody on the Reds, perhaps a veteran like Scott Rolen,
needs to check this young man. There’s a time and place for division rivalries,
the All Star dugout isn’t one of them.

Votto needed a ton of support just to be in Anaheim.
The National League needed Byrd’s performance to win.
If Votto can’t recognize this, or Byrd, then why vote for the guy in years to come?

No body is asking Votto to like the Cubs.
But acting with a little professionalism wouldn’t hurt either.



  1. Keith says:

    Votto’s comment was a little bush league, buts as a baseball fan/Reds fan I did very much appreciate it. Baseball has changed, all players like each other and there is way too much respect between them. Whatever happened to rivalries? Pure distaste between to divisional teams is nothing like it used to be (I remember some great brawl between the Reds and Astros). I would only be guessing but I’d bet that the number of bean balls, brush back pitches, and brawls are way lower then years past. I not implying that I am a fan of baseball fights, but I have no problems with retaliation because at times it’s needed.

    As a hockey fan Votto’s comments remind me of why I enjoy hockey so much. I’m not a fan of senseless fighting, but again at times it’s needed. Players do respect each other but they will always stand up for a teammate and drop the gloves. Hockey players have to play hard every second and protect themselves or the run a high “risk” of getting crushed/hurt. Whereas is baseball the “risk” isn’t as high, nor do I feel the player’s even care as much.

    All and all, I was glad to hear what Votto said about the Cubbies, and wish more players felt and would say the same about their rival teams.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      I truly appreciate Votto’s attitude.
      The Reds get very little respect, even as a first place club.
      Votto’s making a point that his team is serious about winning, which is cool.
      But his timing, however, was off. And that’s where the problem lies.
      For one night Marlon Byrd was his teammate…not a rival player!

  2. keith says:

    I’m pertty sure that Votto’s rooting for the cubies tonight and for the last few games! Nice series for the cubs, Cincy needed they to beat the Cards!


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