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Maybe Cubs Should Fire Lou?

By bullpenbrian at 08.03.2010 Leave a comment.

Sweet Lou better right the ship after Monday’s embarrassing  18-1 loss or he has no business in the Cubs’ dugout.

The Cubs gave Piniella a pass by allowing him to run out the string this season. But the unenthusiastic play we’ve witnessed during this six-game losing streak (outscored 62-17) is unacceptable–even for a team 14-games under .500.

I’m not talking about an improvement in the standings, either. I’m talking about a severely needed attitude adjustment.

The ball Prince Fielder hit to right center field in the eighth between Tyler Colvin & Kosuke Fukudome is the worst effort play I’ve seen all year.

You can’t allow veteran players to throw in the towel. Especially not with all the young talent on this club. It sends the wrong message to pups like Colvin, Castro & Cashner that losing is tolerable.

The players know, obviously, that Lou is a lame duck. But it’s up to the manager to keep them from playing like it.

If Piniella can’t get the message across it’s a major disservice to the club’s future success to have him misguiding the ship the final two months.

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