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Cubs Hit New Low, 20-Games Sub .500

By bullpenbrian at 08.14.2010 2 comments.

The Cubs’ 6-3 loss against St. Louis drops them 20-games below .500 (48-68).
Think about that for a second…twenty games sub .500 for the third highest payroll in baseball! Who knew that was even possible?

As of Friday’s game, 15 rookies have appeared for Chicago, nine making their MLB debut. That’s the most debuts since the 2000 season when the Cubs finished 65-97, but did so without playoff expectations. This current bunch, however, has simply dropped the ball–in more ways than one, obviously.

The Cubs have now lost three straight, seven of eight and 14 of 16.
They’ve won just three of its last 18 games, and fallen to 12-26 in series openers this season.

Who thought four months ago this would be the state of the Cubs–a glorified Triple-A team with six weeks left in the season? But sadly, that’s what 2010 has become.

And to make matters worse, St. Louis has the pleassure of beating the Cubs’ pants off while streaking towards another NL Central title. Call me a dreamer, but that’s not the vision I had for this club out of spring training, and something tells me I’m not alone.

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  1. Jake Moore says:

    Cubs suck today. Cubs sucked yesterday. Cubs will suck tomorrow. It’s nice in a world of so much uncertainty to know that one thing for sure.

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