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Does Mike Quade Have Any Chance To Manage Cubs In 2011?

By bullpenbrian at 08.24.2010 2 comments.

The Cubs say Mike Quade is a candidate for the open managerial position, but my gut says otherwise.

It’s unlikely Jim Hendry could withstand the backlash of hiring Quade. Not with Ryno waiting in the wings, Joe Girardi as free agent and Bob Brenly’s availability, just to name a few.

Hiring Quade would raise an already unstable intensity in Wrigleyville to dangerous heights.

The first sign of strife in 2011 would put Quade under immense pressure, more so than the norm, and culture an environment that prevents winning and breeds more unpleasantries.

Such a scenario would certainly spell the end for Hendry too, and especially if the other managerial candidates find success on the field elsewhere.

The way I see it, Hendry is rewarding Quade for toeing the company line for eight years, and his ‘audition’ in 2010 isn’t for the Cubs’ managerial hunt, but rather, serves as a resume builder for Quade to skipper elsewhere in the bigs.

It’s a nice gesture from Hendry, and also the most politically correct move considering bench coach Alan Trammel is no longer a candidate.

Nothing against Quade, either. The man’s earned an opportunity to skipper in the bigs. But his timing to do so with Chicago couldn’t be worse.

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  1. Rowan says:

    Iam very dissapointed the cubs hired Mike Quade instead of a proven winner like Joe Girardi.
    Joe Girardi played for 7 years and knows the pressure of playing for the cubs.
    He played on a winning cubs team in 1989 so he has experince in the playoffs with his former team.
    He played on 3 world series teams with the Yankees and won one last year.
    He already proven he can win and is a very intelligent manager.
    The cubs made the wrong decesion hiring Quade.
    Joe Girardi would have braught hope and a belief the cubs can win.
    If the cubs struggle the next 2 years Jim Hendry must go.
    Joe Girardi should be the manager now not Quade

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Strong opinion…I like that!
      For certain, you’re not the only Cub fan that feels this way.
      Girardi’s resume speaks for itself.
      And if the Cubs really wanted him, they probably could have landed him.
      Not 100-percent sure Joe would’ve departed New York for Chicago, though.
      Can’t blame Girardi for staying in the Big Apple, either.
      He has lots of $$$ at his disposal and some of the best talent in the game.
      Who wouldn’t want to manage in the Bronx!

      Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be so quick to label Quade as someone who’s not a winner. He’s been in the game a long, long time and has winning experience at all levels. I also believe he’s spent enough time in the Cubs organization (nearly a decade) to fully understand the pressure that comes with this particular job.

      Given Quade’s performance in September, we can only speculate he’s not the right man for the job. His record, although a small sample, says he’s more than capable of leading this team. Time, of course, will tell. But I’m willing to give Q a chance.

      And remember, Jim Hendry’s job security is tied directly to Quade. If Q goes down, Hendry goes with him. That, along with the players overwhelming support of Quade, said a lot to me about the hiring. Whether Quade is the right man or not, we know he’s on a short leash. Who knows, maybe two or three years from now Girardi will be leading our Cubs. Obviously, I very much hope this isn’t the case as this could only follow two more years of suffering!

      Thanks for checking out the blog and sharing your opinion.
      Look forward to hearing from you again.

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