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Will Cubs Hit 100 Losses?

By bullpenbrian at 09.09.2010 Leave a comment.

The Cubs have not lost 100-games since the 1966 season (59-103).
They have, however, come close a few times since:

2006 – (66-96)
2002 – (67-95)
2000 – (65-97)
1999 – (67-95)
1997 – (68-94)
1980 – (64-98)
1974 – (66-96)

Thankfully, the Cubs (60-80) won’t reach the mark this season. Although, it’s appeared at times as if they’re trying to. But with 22-games remaining, the Cubs are 20 losses shy of triple digits.

I think they’re good for about eight more wins, which puts them at 94 losses.
Not exactly the 87-win season I predicted.
But it can’t be this bad next year, right?

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