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Hiring Mike Quade

By bullpenbrian at 10.03.2010 3 comments.

Mike Quade is (24-12) since taking over, including Saturday’s 8-3 win against Houston.

He’s won 8 of 12 series, gone (17-4) on the road and guided the Cubs to 15 wins in its last 21 games.

Is there anything more Quade could have done to prove his worth this season?

Is the public support of team leader Ryan Dempster not enough to bring Quade back for another go-round?

Is Ryno or Girardi that better of an option than Quade?

If, in fact, Quade doesn’t get the gig, it gives credibility to my projection that Quade never had a chance to begin with.

But as the season comes to a close Sunday, there’s no good reason why Quade shouldn’t be the Cubs next skipper.

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  1. Douglas Heeren says:

    Give the job to Quade already, he paid his dues in the minors. The problem with bringing in a Sandberg is if he fails, it might tarnish what Cub fans already think of him. That would be like bringing in Santo or Banks to manage next year. The youner players seem to like Quade also. The word out of Iowa is that Sandberg is a real good field general, he pays attention to detail. But his players have mixed feelings on him. You don’t have to love your manager but I would hate to see the players that already love Quade resent Rhino for taking Quades place, right or wrong.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Yep, no question Ryno is putting his golden reputation on the line if he becomes the Cubs manager.
      Should he fail on the North Side, his golden halo will crumble. That’s just the way it is.
      And even if Sandberg does well here for many years, the day will come when he’s fired or let go because of dollar bills.
      That’s baseball, and that’s the reality of his hiring.
      But that doesn’t mean Ryno shouldn’t manage in Chicago.
      It’s his right to skipper, his legacy to risk.
      And if he truly believes he can lead the Cubs to glory, well then, he should go for it.

      Quade, on the other hand, deserves to manage somewhere.
      I’ve changed my tune about his chances with the Cubs.
      Use to think he had zero chance, but now it’s likely he’s a lead candidate.
      If not Chicago, I’d look for Quade to end up in Pittsburgh or New York (NL).
      Like so many before him, Quade will never get out of Pitt alive…that would be a real shame.

  2. Dave Cihla says:

    Quade deserves it!!

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