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Cubs End 2010, Playoffs Begin

By bullpenbrian - October 4, 2010 - 12:01 am 2 comments.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

Never had the Cubs making the playoffs this year.
Not with a bullpen full of rookies and Ryan Theriot at SS.
But I did project 85-wins and a second place finish in the Central.
My bad.

Never thought Carlos Silva would pitch so well.
Never thought Soriano would last a full season uninjured.
Never thought Aramis would slump the entire first half.
Never though Mike Quade would be managing the Cubs.

Didn’t realize just how talented Tyler Colvin is.
Didn’t realize just how ready Starlin Castro was.
Didn’t think the Cubs would trade its ace Ted Lilly.
Didn’t think Zambrano would remain a Cub through August.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you don’t.
But that’s baseball, and better, that’s life as a Cubs fan.

BullpenBrian.com, however, fared far better than our Cubbies.
The blog set monthly records for hits through most of the season.
I’m grateful for your readership, emails and comments.

In a way, I can’t believe the season is over.
Yes, given the Cubs record, it’s felt that way for a few months now.
But no Cubs baseball tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that,
stinks a little bit.

The offseason for Chicago is sure to be interesting.
Lot’s of questions, speculation and decisions.
Cubs baseball is about to become fun again.
Thanks for joining me on the ride!


Hiring Mike Quade

By bullpenbrian - October 3, 2010 - 12:01 am 3 comments.

Mike Quade is (24-12) since taking over, including Saturday’s 8-3 win against Houston.

He’s won 8 of 12 series, gone (17-4) on the road and guided the Cubs to 15 wins in its last 21 games.

Is there anything more Quade could have done to prove his worth this season?

Is the public support of team leader Ryan Dempster not enough to bring Quade back for another go-round?

Is Ryno or Girardi that better of an option than Quade?

If, in fact, Quade doesn’t get the gig, it gives credibility to my projection that Quade never had a chance to begin with.

But as the season comes to a close Sunday, there’s no good reason why Quade shouldn’t be the Cubs next skipper.


Getting To Know Casey Coleman

By bullpenbrian - October 2, 2010 - 12:01 am Leave a comment.

Casey Coleman wasn’t even on the Cubs radar in April.
Now he’s a candidate to make the 2011 starting rotation.

That’s a huge improvement from his humble beginning this August,
when the Cubs summoned Coleman from Triple-A Iowa.

In his first four relief outings with Chicago he posted an 8.64 ERA.
But a transition to the rotation sparked the 23-year-old.

Coleman is (3-0) with a 2.25 ERA through his last three starts, including seven scoreless innings in Friday’s 2-0 win against Houston.
He’s kept the ball down, limited his pitch count, and has pitched six or more innings in his last seven starts, seemingly improving each outing.

Although Coleman is basically an unknown, his success isn’t all that surprising.
Last year he earned the Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award.
This year he posted a (10-7) record at Iowa, including two complete games, and was riding a four-game win streak before his call-up.

It’s time to get familiar with Casey Coleman. The kid can pitch, and there’s little doubt Coleman won’t be on the radar next spring.


Wrigley Wasteland

By bullpenbrian - October 1, 2010 - 12:01 am Leave a comment.

I rode past Wrigley Field this afternoon on the Red Line.
The place looked like a graveyard, which it was for most of the season.

I know next week I’ll be thinking in unison with Cubs Nation when I ride by.
The Cubs should be playing this week, battling the Phils or Giants for a trip to the NLCS.

Instead, we’ll be gearing up for the offseason, trying to figure out answers to the many questions that kept the Cubs from postseason play.

Who will manage the team? Who’s on first? What about the bullpen?

Wrigley, of course, will be covered in snow by the time it all comes to fruition.

The 2011 postseason is far off, but I can’t help but to imagine Waveland & Sheffield jammed packed.

I’d watch the games from the ‘L’ if I had to.


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