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Trading Zambrano Poll

By bullpenbrian at 11.26.2010 2 comments.
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  1. old side armer says:

    Big Z. I wish this man could put his game back together. He threw very sharp breaking balls a few years back. I know he’s emotional and that’s not a good thing to be when your a pitcher. Actually, it’s maybe not a good thing at all in baseball. That Bradley guy was a mess when he played in the Windy City. But not as much as a mess as that idiot that charged the mound from the stands. I think it was Myers pitching and he fore armed shivered the guy in the mellon. Boy, the Cubs have had a few relievers that threw heat. This Marmol guy is unreal.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      My patience has run dry with Zambrano.
      His head problems outweigh his pitching talents.
      For years we heard that Carlos was simply young and immature, and that would change with time.
      I bought that for awhile…probably too long, in fact.
      But now he’s a grown man who’s matured very little since his arrival in Chicago.
      It’s cost Zambrano, and more importantly, the Cubs any shot at building a rotation around him.
      What he accomplished on the field following anger management surprised me.
      But I won’t be surprised again if we’re back to the same old fit-throwing Z come spring training.
      Marmol, by the way, is ridiculous! Not sure how long that rubber-arm of his will last, so savor the flavor!

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