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Theriot The New Jack Parkman

By bullpenbrian at 12.01.2010 Leave a comment.

When I saw the Dodgers traded Ryan Theriot to the Cardinals I immediately thought of Jack Parkman, the superstar catcher for the Cleveland Indians in Major League II.

The strapping Parkman, and his patented butt-wiggle while digging into the batter’s box, was the sensation of Cleveland’s female fans. But the love affair ends after Parkman is dealt to the rival White Sox during the season.

And here now stands Theriot, the once wildly popular sex symbol of the Chicago Cubs, playing for the arch-rival Cards.

Can’t wait for Pat Hughes to channel his inner Harry Doyle and point out that “the women in Chicago can’t stand this guy!”

Theriot is 4-for-4 against the Cubs today--four goddamn hits!

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