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MLB 2011 Power Rankings

By bullpenbrian at 01.19.2011 2 comments.

MLB Blog Buzz published its 2011 preseason power rankings. The rankings include the average ranking, the best ranking, and the worst ranking for each team as  determined by the site’s member blogs.

The Cubs rank No.20 overall with its highest ranking No.15 and its lowest No.26.

The Top Five:
1. Philly
2. Boston
3. Texas
4. Yankees
5. San Fran

The Bottom Five:
26. Seattle
27. Houston
28. Cleveland
29. Kansas City
30. Pittsburgh

The NL Central:
7.  Cincinnati
9.  St. Louis
10. Milwaukee
20. Chicago
27. Houston
30. Pittsburgh

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  1. elmaquino says:

    I dont think the Red Army will be too good this year. Gotta look out for thos Brewers–theyre stacked this year. Of course, my Cards will take everyone out!

    BTW, did you see that I-70 Baseball picked the Cubs to win the Div?!

    • bullpenbrian says:

      You know, I always look at the Cards as contenders.
      And I always will as long as Pujols is playing first base.
      Would not be surprised if St. Louis regains the Central title in 2011.

      Milwaukee’s starting pitching is for real. No doubt.
      Its bullpen, however, is very thin, which is a big weakness.
      The Brewers have enough offense to blanket the problem.
      But that changes come October against pitching like Philly’s.

      The Reds are scary talented–pitching, hitting & fielding.
      Now it’s whether they can handle the pressure of expectations.
      They’re poised to have another strong year, if they can keep a mental toughness.

      And for what it’s worth…I still think the Cubs have a shot to contend, as well.
      If healthy, there’s enough proven talent to compete for the division.
      Last year was a disaster for this very reason. Too much talent for a 75-win season.

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