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Coolest Cubs of All Time

By bullpenbrian at 01.25.2011 2 comments.

GQ Magazine named its 25 “Coolest Athletes of All Time.” No Cubs player made the list, but Michael Jordan was a  shoe-in.

Other noteble additions include Arthur Ashe, Ali, Bjorn Borg, Julius Erving, Evel Knievel, Arnold Palmer, Pele, Kenny Stabler, Tim Lincecum and Tom Brady.

Who makes the cut if there’s a “Coolest Chicago Cubs of All Time” list? Here’s a few picks off the top of my head…

Sweet Lou, Mark DeRosa, Dusty, Sammy, Rod Beck, Eric Karros, Lenny Harris, Gary Gaetti, Ryno, Turk Wendell, Randy Myers, Kal Daniels, The Hawk.

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