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Brian’s Super Bowl Bash XI!

By bullpenbrian at 02.01.2011 1 comment.

Submit your Super Bowl winner, the final score, and most importantly, the MVP choice for any tiebreakers to bullpen_brian@yahoo.com.

All entries must be submitted before the opening kickoff.

I’ll post the winner here on Monday. Bragging rights only!

Green Bay – 27
Pittsburgh – 23
MVP – WR Greg Jennings

Previous Winners:

I: Big Mike – Baltimore
II: Brian -      New England
III: Heath -     Tampa Bay
IV: Nicole -   New England
V: Nicole -   New England
VI: Talitha -  Pittsburgh
VII: Ed -        Indianapolis
VIII: Ed -        New York
IX: Talitha -  Pittsburgh
X: Heath – New Orleans


1 Comment

  1. Big Mike says:

    Pitsburg 31
    Green Bay 28
    MVP Hines Ward

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