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A Dump On Baker, Zambrano & Kenny

By bullpenbrian at 02.23.2011 4 comments.

1.) Who left a dump in the Cubs dugout?
2.) Zambrano ‘cured’ of acting like a fool?
3.) Is White Sox GM Kenny Williams asinine?

1.) Jon Paul Morosi of SI.com brought to light more of the struggles Dusty Baker suffered near the end of his stint with the Cubs, including an incident in which someone crapped where Dusty stood in the dugout.

The way Chicago fans ran Baker–a proven winner, mind you–out of town is embarrassing. To simply blame the manager for all that went wrong in the 2003 postseason and beyond is silly business.

Instead of coming to grips with the fact the Cubs failed to trade for bullpen help in 2003…or the lenghty injuries to starters such as Aramis and D-Lee…or the arm-injuries of Prior and Wood…or the botched double play ball by Alex S. Gonzalez in Game 6 of the NLCS, we’ve decided to point the finger at Bartman, Baker and a cursed billy goat. Seriously, people.

Not to mention, since departing Chicago Baker’s guided the once down-trodden Reds back into contention, then to a winning record, and lastly, to a division title and its first playoff birth in 15 years. Must take some kind of knucklehead, eh?

Chicago fans are better than this kind of behavior. I know it. But it’s time to start acting like it. Baker has moved on, so should Cub Nation.

2.) Carlos Zambrano is making another promise he can’t keep. Apparently, his short lived anger management counseling has cured him of outlandish mound tantrums. Must be a miracle. But you can take this announcement with a grain of salt given Zambrano’s similar promises since, well, last year and the year before that, and the year before that one.

It’s one thing to say all the right things in spring training. He’s happy for Dempster getting the ace role, he’s here for the team, he’s fit to share his struggles with young pitchers down the road. But that means little until Carlos proves it, like for an entire season.

Of course I have my doubts, why wouldn’t I? Zambrano is a ticking time bomb, always has been. Now, after one go-round with a psychologist, as instructed by the Cubs and MLB, he’s cured? C’mon, Carlos.

It’s not that I’m rooting against Big Z, I’m not. It’s just that I want the guy to earn his money, act like a professional, and leave the BS where it belongs, in Arizona. Please Z, grow up.

3.) White Sox GM Kenny Wiliams is not crazy, nor are his comments that paying a player $30-million a year is asinine. The truth is, baseball isn’t moving towards a salary cap structure, which is the real crazy talk. So what does that mean for baseball’s future? It means players will be paid asinine amounts of money to play baseball. Plain and simple.

The game’s been heading in this direction for years, one player earning more than an entire team. But the fans don’t seem to care, at least not enough to stop going to the ballparks in record numbers. Is Kenny the crazy one or are we the fans?

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