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Burgers, Beck & Preseason Bets

By bullpenbrian at 03.08.2011 4 comments.

The Kuma’s Corner of Closers

1.) Why Kuma’s Corner is the Rod Beck of Burgers.
2.) What is Through The Fence Baseball.
3.) Playing Pepper Cubs Style.

1.) I’m convinced the best burgers in Chicago come from Kuma’s Corner. Their delicious meat patties remind me of former Cubs closer Rod Beck: husky, sloppy and good. Monday I went with the Black Sabbath burger–Blackening Spice, Chili, Pepper Jack, Red Onion. Now that’s a burger!

2.) Jamie Shoemaker is the founder of Through The Fence Baseball. It’s a fulfilling site for any seam-head. Jamie also answered a few questions I emailed him about the Cubs and the upcoming season:

-BB: Any thoughts on if the NFL lockout will draw more football fans to follow MLB?

If there is a lockout, there is always potential fans will pick another sport to watch. Given that, they are in two different seasons. If they were the same season, baseball would see a huge increase. They might see the bigger increase around playoff time if football is still on lockout.

-BB: Where do you think Albert Pujols will end up after the season?

Cardinals or Cubs.

-BB: Which NL team has enough pitching to topple either the Giants or Phillies?

Judging by pitching only? The Atlanta Braves. I believe they had a top 5 rotation last year and they have the same top 4 pitchers. Take out Kawakami’s brutal year and injuries to the starting rotation, and input a Mike Minor or Brandon Beachy, and they have improved.

-BB: Who will win the AL pennant?

Boston – Kinda everyone’s early favorite? If pitching holds up, they will be very tough.

-BB: As an outsider to Cub Nation, what’s your take on the Cubs’ chances to reach October?

Better. The central wasn’t that strong last year. Cardinals already received a blow to the rotation. They really need Pena to step it up. Need at least a .250 average. Some are saying Garza isn’t going to make a smooth transition. I think he will do just fine. As long as Carlos returns to form, they should compete.

-BB: Tell us about your site, what’s it all about, what’s your role?

Through The Fence Baseball was founded with the thoughts that everything on baseball, everything, would be covered. From Fantasy Baseball to Baseball movies, we love our writers enthusiasm. I founded TTFB with a buddy of mine. He does the technical work, and I do the rest. Everything from Marketing to working with our staff.

3.) Daniel Shoptaw runs the site C70 At The Bat. Yes, a Cardinals blog! Nonetheless, the founder of the United Cardinals Bloggers and Baseball Bloggers Alliance posted an article previewing our Cubbies. Read more, including my take, by clicking here.

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  1. Pickle says:

    First, I liked the link to the Cardinal’s site, but I find Bullpen Brian much easier on the eyes. Second, you should let your readers know that they can follow you on Twitter, if not Facebook.

  2. I love that mans chops!! ……and mullet…..hehe
    Also thanks for pointing to the Through The Fence Baseball guy but I can only handle following one informant and BB it’s you! Muah!

  3. bullpenbrian says:

    Aww, your loyalty is much appreciated:)
    Looking forward to doing some video blogs this season, too.
    Stay tuned!

  4. bullpenbrian says:

    OK, Pickle. I’ve posted my Twitter Feed on the right side bar.
    Not on Facebook yet. We’ll see how much longer I can hold out!

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