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Polls, Posnanski & Jim Edmonds

By bullpenbrian at 03.30.2011 2 comments.

1.) Results of my latest Cubs Polls.
2.) Joe Posnanski agrees–Jeter a HOFamer.
3.) Jim Edmonds: gone but not forgotten.

1.) My last two Cubs polls asked “Who should be the Cubs’ No.5 starter?” and “Who should Quade bat leadoff?”

Cubs fans got at least one wish voting Andrew Cashner (59%) the fifth starter. Meanwhile, Darwin Barney is the majority leader for the top spot in the lineup with (50%) of the votes. Tyler Colvin & Kosuke Fukudome are each tied for second place with 16-percent of the vote.

2.) I love reading Joe Posnanski’s blog. I mean, who doesn’t? Anyway, one of his posts touched on the brilliant career of Derek Jeter, who I mentioned as a lock for the Hall of Fame. Below is an excerpt from Posnanski’s post defending Jeter’s qualifications. I couldn’t agree more:

– I’m thoroughly blown away by how overrated AND underrated Derek Jeter has been through his career. I’m not sure there’s another player who has quite that combination of hype and underappreciation. My friend Seth Mnookin tackles the subject in this month’s GQ (in full disclosure, I’m quoted in it). But it’s really staggering both how stunningly over-glorified Jeter is and yet how little respect he has received in the MVP voting.

Jeter was probably the most valuable player in baseball in 1999. I mean, you certainly could make an argument for Pedro Martinez, and it really is hard to compare pitchers and hitters. But among hitters, I don’t think there was anyone in baseball more valuable. Jeter hit .349, scored and drove in 100-plus runs, posted a .438 on-base percentage, all while playing 158 games at shortstop. I mean that is a seriously fabulous year. He was very clearly the best player on the best team, and for the second year in a row. He tied with Manny Ramirez for highest WAR among position players. And he’s Derek Jeter, much admired, much beloved, much respected Derek Jeter …

And he finished SIXTH in the MVP voting. He got one first place vote. I mean, seriously, how the heck does that happen? Bleepin’ Rafael Palmeiro got more first place votes than Jeter, and he was a designated hitter in an insane hitting park. The Jeter conundrum baffles the mind.

3.) I’ve never hid my love for Jim Edmonds despite the fact he’ll always be remembered as a Cardinal and not a Cub. Edmonds is just one of those players I never got tired of watching. I appreciated his professionalism–he played the game the right way–his dramatic flare and sweet left-handed swing. Russ Anderson wrote a nice tribute article on Edmonds at Through The Fence Baseball.

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