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What To Do With Samardzija?

By bullpenbrian at 04.06.2011 3 comments.

It’s becoming more clear Jeff Samardzija is on the Cubs roster because he’s out of minor league options.

I figure that doesn’t come as a surprise to most Cubs fans who have watched Samardzija pitch for any length of time, including his 2.0 IP and 9.00 ERA in 2011.

I have my doubts Jeff will last through May, let alone April, on the Cubs roster. His inability to improve has me leaning towards trading the young right-hander. Maybe it’s not too late to get something good in return?

I’ve always been puzzled by Samardzija’s inability to throw strikes. Despite a heavy fastball and wicked breaking pitches, they rarely land in the strike zone.

He consistently falls behind hitters, walks too many batters and is far too predictable with his pitch selection. National League hitters agree…

Since posting a (1-0) record and 2.28 in his rookie season of 2008, Samardzija’s ERA has skied to 7.53 in 2009 and 8.38 in 2010. And following the All Star break last year his number actually got worse. So much for improvement.

It’s not that I’m rooting against Jeff–it’s tough watching the kid struggle–but it’s apparent he’s still not major league ready. Now the question is, will he ever be?

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  1. dude says:

    Nice timing….ever since you posted this Samardzija’s been kicking butt. I guess he survived April – ha!

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Indeed. Good point!
      And hats off to Samardzija for putting together 11 scoreless relief innings!
      No question the kid’s been terrific recently, which is a sign of improvement the Cubs desperately needed from him.
      Unfortunately, it’s too small a sample size to say Jeff has turned the corner as a big leaguer.
      Again, doesn’t mean I’m rooting against him, but the real judgment comes as the season progresses.
      Is this a faze…or is this for real?
      That said, if Samardzija holds true to his current form, it greatly increases the Cubs chances of staying in contention.
      Marshall, Woody & Marmol can’t do it alone. And with Russell in the rotation, which is a whole other story, Samardzija’s role is even bigger.
      So, good for Jeff for surviving April…now let’s get through May & June:)

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