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Cubs Need More From Garza

By bullpenbrian at 04.10.2011 1 comment.

I’ll give Garza credit for battling through 5.2 innings Sat. night.

He clearly didn’t have his best stuff, but he gutted out 107 pitches with zero run support.

If Garza went wrong anywhere it was serving up three doubles to The Prince…all on 0-2 counts. Good stuff or not, that’s poor situational pitching.

A loss is a loss, of course, but having a starter last into the sixth in a laugher doesn’t go for not, at least not this early in the season, and not with two starters on the DL.

Thus far Garza has been so-so through his two starts. In 12.2 innings he’s struck out 20 and allowed 20 hits. Meh.

But it goes without saying the right-hander needs a better outting his third time around–especially with Wells and Cashner laid up for at least another week.

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