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Big Props For Big Geo

By bullpenbrian at 04.12.2011 1 comment.

I like what I’m seeing from Big Geo, despite his poor offensive numbers.

He’s not only continued to mature from his embarrassing sophomore season in 2009, but he’s maintained his weight, rehabed well from offseason shoulder surgery and been a rock for a pitching staff that lost long-time instructor Larry Rothschild.

Through 10 games Soto’s guided the staff like a real pro…settling down Sean Marshall before a big out Monday night in Houston…and countless trips to the mound to encourage Carlos Marmol in save situations.

Too often Soto is judged solely on his offensive output. That, of course, is what happens when you slug your way to the Rookie of the Year Award. Still, the importance of a solid backstop should never be undervalued.

Soto plays with a maturity well beyond his years. He follows scouting reports, knows opposing batter’s tendencies…and most importantly, his pitchers trust him.

Make no mistake, Soto is a critical part of the Cubs’ chances to make the postseason, even if he never reaches our expectations for him offensively this year. And best of all, Soto’s yet to let his .182 average damper his game behind the dish.

Now, I just can’t wait for the big guy to hit!

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