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Where’s Tyler Colvin?

By bullpenbrian at 05.15.2011 Leave a comment.

I don’t understand how Mike Quade can’t find at-bats for Tyler Colvin.

What has Soriano, Byrd or Fukudome done to intrenched themselves as everyday starters?

What has Carlos Pena done to deserve an everyday spot at 1B?

That’s four spots on an everyday lineup that’s utterly futile with RISP…and Quade can’t find playing time for his 25-year-old stud riding the pine?

Granted, Colvin was miserable offensively through April. But I’ll argue he couldn’t be any worse in the clutch than the current lineup.

The kid won’t break his slump watching from the dugout, either. Tyler needs to play…more often, if not everyday.

Watching Colvin sit makes me equally frustrated as watching James Russell being thrust into the starting rotation.

These are no-brainer decisions that are costing the Cubs wins…and steadily questioning my confidence in Mike Quade.

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