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Minor cure for Tyler Colvin

By bullpenbrian at 05.16.2011 Leave a comment.

Cubs may have minor cure for Tyler Colvin’s major issues.

I said it Saturday. Mike Quade said it Sunday. Tyler Colvin needs playing time.

But now the Cubs are talking about shipping Colvin off to the minors?

Why, why, why?

Is there truely no place for Colvin in the everyday lineup?

Not a single opening on a team that can’t score runs? Not one, maybe two, days a week the kid could start? Seriously, we’re sending Colvin to the minors?

Listen, I know Colvin has struggled offensively this season. But give the guy a chance. He earned his playing time last year and made a good go of it.

So why on earth demote the guy? Oh, because Reed Johnson is having a hot-run. C’mon.

Tyler Colvin is…and should be…the future of this club. Not Sori, not Marlon not Fukudome…and definitely not Carlos Pena.

Moving Colvin to Iowa is on course for the Cubs most ill advised move all season (although topping multiply starts from James Russell will be hard to best).

The Cubs won’t play any better without him, and Colvin’s confidence is sure to crash in Iowa with a thud.

Don’t do it, Mike. Just let the kid play. Who knows, he might just drive in a run.

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