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Quade’s Verbal Lashing

By bullpenbrian at 05.17.2011 Leave a comment.

I wouldn’t call Mike Quade’s closed door meeting overdue.

Instead, I’d say it’s just the right time with the Cubs five games under and six back in the division.

The Cubs are fading fast, and Qaude senses it. He knows…we all know…the next two weeks could very well determine the season.

If you’re a team not in the race come June 1st…good luck joining the party in the second half. It rarely happens once you’ve laid the groundwork for mediocrity or worse.

So with his club suffering on many fronts, but mainly from a lack of execution, a lack of mental concentration, and a lack of confidence, Mike Quade has raised his voice.

“You get beat, you get beat,” Quade said. “But we’re beating ourselves way too much, and we’ve got enough issues competing as it is without beating ourselves. When I see that, if I’m going to lose sleep, I’m going to have my say before I do, that’s all.”

The talent is there, despite the injuries to Cashner and Wells. And Chicago certainly has the ability to compete, especially in this lack luster division.

The Cubs response to Quade’s verbal lashing will be most interesting. Just how confident are the Cubs in its skipper? Are they listening, do they care?

The next two weeks will tell, one way or another.

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