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What Good Ball Looks Like

By bullpenbrian at 05.21.2011 1 comment.

Boston reminded us what good baseball looks like. The Cubs reminded us they don’t play good baseball.

The Red Sox played like contenders, pounding a lesser Cubs team into submission. The Cubs played like pretenders, offering us fans another humbling loss.

Third time this season the Cubs have committed four errors. Are you kidding me? Who’s the last playoff team to do that?

Two more boots from Starlin. Yeah, the kid’s young…but he’s repeating the same mistakes. Specifically on throws across the diamond. It’s a lack of concentration. And it’s worth Quade benching him a game.

Soriano, more so than usual, was pathetic in LF. Better yet, what the heck was Sori doing in LF? The man’s the definition of a DH.

But Quade decides to put Soriano in on defense anyway. For real? No DH for Soriano? Doesn’t make sense to me

Chicago has yet to win three games in-a-row, hit with RISP, catch the baseball…or add whatever the heck you want.

You can tell my patience was running thin Friday evening. The Cubs had everything to play for: its first winning streak, the big-stage, a national audience…and they fell flat our their face.

Sadly, I get the vibe this team doesn’t care. At least not enough to change it’s losing ways. How else can I explain the lack of clutch hitting, the fielding miscues, the continuous sloppiness?

Where’s the leadership on this club? Anyone going to hold a players only meeting? Would somebody try something, anything, to get the attention of this team.

Is Friday night what we get for the rest of the season…a 19-hit butt whopping consisting of four errors?

Tell me it ain’t so.

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