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Believe It: Pirates Better Than Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 05.28.2011 2 comments.

It’s difficult to write this, let alone, say it out loud. But the Pittsburgh Pirates are a better club than Chicago.

Look no further than the NL Central standing with the Pirates holding a slight one-game lead over Chicago–and it’s darn near June.

How else do we explain a (6-15) record vs. the Peg Legs since September of 2009? Six wins against the perennial basement dwellers of baseball—that’s flat out embarrassing.

If saying it isn’t obvious enough, the Cubs have reached a new low, a Pittsburgh-type low, where simply competing vs. actually winning earns the team a pat on the back.

Chicago has yet to win three straight games. They don’t hit in the clutch, they don’t field well and the starting rotation has the worst ERA in all of baseball.

That’s a summary reserved for Pittsburgh-style baseball, not for a team with a $146M payroll—third highest in MLB.

If Saturday’s atrocious 4-2 loss wasn’t another indicator to blow this team up, I don’t know what will be.

How many more games do the Cubs need to lose against Pittsburgh before Hendry and Ricketts get the message?

This isn’t about the Cubs being unlucky. It’s about a bad baseball team hamstrung by bad contracts. And the lowly Pirates continue to prove it.

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  1. Todays 10-0 drubbing by the Pirates over the Cubs sure helps make your point. This is not a good team. Ugh!

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Saturday’s game was just hard to stomach. I’d rather watch the Bulls choke vs the Heat than sit through another nine innings of the Cubs rolling over against Pitt. It seems more and more likely the Cubs will finish behind Pittsburgh in the Central. And the only good that comes from it is Ricketts being left to make sweeping changes to the front office and coaching staff. I don’t think Wrigleyville will settle or anything less.

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