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Quade’s Call Final Red Flag

By bullpenbrian at 06.06.2011 Leave a comment.

Chicago’s despicable 3-2 loss on Sunday put Cubs fans, including myself, over the edge.

To allow Pujols a second opportunity to win a game, on consecutive days, is unfathomable to me. That just can’t happen.

By the time Albert circled the bases as the winning run, my confidence in Mike Quade sank to a new low. What on earth was the skipper thinking?

Quade’s questionable decision to pitch to Pujols, both Saturday & Sunday, will haunt the manager for a long, long time.

Right or wrong, Sunday’s game, in particular, will be the lasting memory of Quade for Cubs fans who checked out following the game. And I’m sure most of Cub Nation has left the building.

This 10-game road trip has turned into a grease fire, and there’s still seven more games to go, which nearly equals the same number of losses on this current six-game losing streak.

I’m only left to issue my third Red Flag of the season…the final warning sign indicating the Cubs’ season is over.

There’s not a miracle out there that can turn the Cubs’ fortunes around. They’ve managed to waste a season in just 57 games–with the major’s third highest payroll. Puuuke.

So say good bye to ‘Year Two’ as we turn our attention towards the trade deadline. Addition by subtraction might be one game the Cubs can win at.

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