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Trading Zambrano Never Better

By bullpenbrian at 06.26.2011 Leave a comment.

Carlos Zambrano’s trade value has never been higher…and the Cubs’ chances to move him will never be better.

Yes, Carlos has lost some velocity. Yes, he’s thrown a lot of innings over his career. But the 30-year-old isn’t washed-up. There’s plenty left in Z’s tank to help out a contender.

His efforts Saturday night in Kansas City, again wasted by a lack of offense, seconds the motion—it’s time for the Cubs and Carlos to part ways.

Who knows what playing for a winner would do for Zambrano? He might return to being a staff ace, or he might blow up on the mound…an equally large risk to his hefty price tag for any GM.

Trading Zambrano, however, addresses several key issues for the Cubs. Simply put, Zambrano would bring back young, talented and affordable players or top prospects. And what team near the basement of the league standings doesn’t need that?

I do, however, respect the heck out of Zambrano for wanting to remain a Chicago Cub. That’s honorable. But Jim Hendry can’t afford to pass on an offer to unload a very talented, but clearly unstable, starting pitcher the likes of Big Z.

If Zambrano keeps pitching like he has thus far in 2011, his days on the North Side are numbered. It’s been one heckuva a run–exciting, eventful, painful…ect. But a change of scenery is in the interest of both parties.

Zambrano deserves a winner, and strangely, leaving Chicago would help turn the Cubs into one.

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