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Carlos Pena’s HR Log

By bullpenbrian at 06.28.2011 2 comments.

Len Kasper mentioned something very interesting during Monday’s broadcast, a 7-3 win for the Cubs vs. Colorado paced by Carlos Pena’s two home runs.

Which pitcher has Pena hit the most home runs against? The answer: Andy Pettitte, with six of his 246 career HR coming against the Yankee great.

I dug deeper and discovered Pena has quite a track record against some of the league’s top hurlers.

Second on his list is Jon Lester (5). Then Jake Westbrook (4). Nine pitchers are tied with (3), some of which include: John Lackey, Jarrod Washburn, Dan Haren, Gil Meche, Johan Santana and Cliff Lee. That’s some strong pitching!

Pena’s even twice tagged Roy Halladay, Javier Vazquez, Mark Buehrle and Jamie Moyer.

What’s most surprising, however, is how many are southpaws. Never would have guessed!

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  1. I was watching the game and heard the same thing. I was surprised. I looked his stats up also. Despite a much lower BA vs LHP, his HR/PA isn’t that much different than it is vs RHP. It basically confirms his feast or famine approach at the plate.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Yep. Well said. Awesome bar stool trivia, too!
      Pena is finally shapping up into the player I thought he would be for Chicago.
      The guy’s a pro’s pro who certainly wanted to show last season was a fluke.
      But his slow start had me worrying a bit.
      However, Pena’s simply been on a tear lately.
      Let’s enjoy while it lasts:)

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