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Cubs Parabola Theory

By bullpenbrian at 07.06.2011 2 comments.

Cubs Theory

Something fascinating is happening with Cubs baseball.

A team on course for the National League’s worst record has suddenly become can’t miss television. Why?

My parabola theory holds the answer.

Fan interest in the Cubs tailed off with a disappointing start to the season, then bottomed out following a (2-8) road trip putting the Cubs 14-games under .500 (25-39) and 12-games back in the division.

But with reality setting in that the Cubs are one of baseball’s worst teams, it’s surprising that we’ve suddenly caught ourselves rubber-necking at the train wreck that is the 2011 season.

We’re curious just how bad this team is, how much worse it will get, which players will get dealt before the trade deadline, and what will come of manager Mike Quade and GM Jim Hendry?

Indeed, interest levels are on the rise. Unfortunately, however, it’s on the wrong side of the parabola, just like the Cubs record.

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  1. Pickle says:

    Wow, there was some thought put into this! Does this mean that Cubs fans just love their Cubbies, or love their consistent late season disappointments?

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    Well, Pickle…I can tell you Cubs fans are wondering just how much thought is going into so much losing! If only ‘close’ counted in the big leagues the Cubs would be yearly contenders! Sorry pitching, no clutch-hitting, no known rebuilding plan…all be damned. Cubs fans love their Cubbies:) *Did I mention Chicago has the league’s worst defense while turning the fewest doubles plays in the NL? Yeah, that too.

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