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Cubs 9-2 In Dempster’s Last 11 Starts

By bullpenbrian at 07.16.2011 Leave a comment.

One of Dempster’s best outings of the season–period. Eight innings, nine punchouts, no walks…and no way Demps was letting Quade pull him early this time!

Surprisingly, the Cubs won the game without plating a single RBI, which is just another weird turn in this frustrating season.

Marmol, obviously, is a mess. He can’t find the strike zone or the touch on his slider. He’s been way too predictable with his pitch selection and the Marlins have made it look easy against him, and we know that’s not the case when Marmol is right.

I have no qualms with Q’s decision to pitch Marmol after Thursday’s meltdown. It’s text book to throw a closer the day following a blown save. This time, however, Quade had Marshall ready in the bullpen, and that was the game saver.

If there’s any good news coming from Marmol’s recent slump it’s that the problems appear mechanical/mental and not physical, which keeps Marmol a valuable trade piece.

What Marlon Byrd brings to this club can not be overstated. His professionalism, his attitude, his moxy…all of it a dynamic the Cubs sorely missed during his injury. Byrd’s heads-up play to gun down Hanley Ramirez at second base in the ninth inning was sensational.

I don’t suspect there’s much of a trade market for Byrd, but I’d be happy to see the Cubs keep him through next season. The guy’s a winner, which is exactly what this roster needs more of. Byrd’s a keeper.


Jim Hendry is turning the Cubs rotation into Ellis Island by bringing the poor, tired, and huddled masses of washed-up hurlers the likes of: Doug Davis, Braden Looper, Todd Wellemeyer, Rodrigo Lopez, Ramon Ortiz and now…Dave Bush.

2011 – Tex 0-1   5.79 ERA
2010 – Mil 8-13  4.54 ERA
2009 – Mil 5-9   6.38 ERA
2008 – Mil 9-10  4.18 ERA
2007 – Mil 12-10 5.12 ERA
2006 – Mil 12-11 4.41 ERA
2005 – Tor 5-11  4.49 ERA
2004 – Tor 5-4   3.69 ERA


The Pirates, for the first time since 1997, lead the NL Central. And that begs the question: are the Peg Legs that good, or the division simply that bad? I’m leaning towards the later, but rooting for Pittsburgh to win this division anyway!

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