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Wild Thing & 100 Cub Losses

By bullpenbrian at 07.26.2011 2 comments.

The numbers don’t lie. The Cubs are practically sprinting towards a dismal 90-loss season, even on the heels of its first three game winning streak. And assuming the Cubs become sellers later this week, a 100-loss campaign seems even more likely.

The Cubs (42-60) have 60 remaining games.
Through the first 60 games: (24-36)
Through the last 60 games: (23-37)
On Pace for: (66-96)

The Cubs have spent just a single day above .500–Wed April 20th.
They’ve been shutout six times.
Are (8-18) in blowout games (5+ runs).
And (13-17) in 1-R games.

-Home (25-31)
-Road (17-29)

-Inter-League (5-10)

-April – (12-14)
-May – (11-16)
-June – (11-18)
-July – (8-12)

-First half – (37-55)
-Second half – (5-5)

(1-5) vs. St. Louis
(2-6) vs. Cincinnati
(3-6) vs. Pittsburgh
(4-3) vs. Milwaukee
(5-4) vs. Houston



Former Cub Mitch Williams calls for Quade’s head and top-down approach to reshaping the Cubs organization on Dan Patrick Radio show.

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  1. Of all the numbers above, the one that bugs me the most is the home record. 25-31!!!! You gotta have a winning record at home if you want to make the post season.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      For sure. But even more so in the current state of affairs, a team on pace for 100-losses, winning home games is of utmost importance. It’s a pitty to see Wrigley Field’s attendance slip the way it has the past two years. Economy aside, the Cubs failure to compete has largely offset the enjoyment of heading to the park for many Cubs fans. Winning at home is a staple of playoff contenders…and renewing season ticket holders. The Cubs are doing neither well this year. Very frustrating, indeed.

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