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Dick Vitale Can’t Cure Cubs, Baby!

By bullpenbrian at 08.23.2011 Leave a comment.

Monday marked the one year anniversary of Sweet Lou stepping down from the Cubs. And one year later Mike Quade is again campaigning for the Cubs’ manager position.

Yet despite the Cubs recent success, (13-7) in August, Quade will likely be replaced with the arrival of the new general manager. We know it, Quade knows it, and more importantly, so do his players.

However, I don’t anticipate the Cubs mailing-in the final month of September.

Quade, as always, will come to the park prepared to win. And although Quade may be perceived as a lame-duck manager, I believe the Cubs still respect ‘Quade the guy‘ enough to keep trying to play well for him.

That alone won’t be enough to save his job, of course, but both Quade and his players would benefit from keeping it together the final five weeks.

No one wants to look bad on the way out. But it’s going to take a group effort to have that image at season’s end.

If Jim Hendry was professional enough to keep it together for a month following his dismissal, so should the guys on the field and the one in the dugout.


I’ve always been a fan of Dick Vitale.

Unlike others in his profession, namely Chris Berman, Vitale has continued to learn and improve as a broadcaster showing us his sometimes overwhelming enthusiasm is genuine…even long after he made a name for himself.

Vitale has used his celebrity in all the ways one should. He’s been gracious with his time to many positive causes, including raising millions of dollars for cancer research, all while continuing to be a shining ambassador for the game of college basketball.

Vitale joined Len & Bob in the booth Monday to promote his new children’s book. All of the proceeds going towards children’s cancer research. You could then spot him on television sitting behind home plate–his customary seat at many Tampa Bay Rays games.

Maybe you don’t care for Vitale’s colorful basketball commentary. Fine. But at least recognize the guy’s been true to himself, true to sports fans, and true to college hoops.

Nothing about Vitale’s on-air flair is an act, which doesn’t suite everyone, but I can live with it. He’s a good man having a good time. Long live Dickie V, baby!

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