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Hasta Luego Carlos Zambrano

By bullpenbrian at 11.10.2011 1 comment.

I couldn’t care less where Carlos Zambrano pitches next season, just as long as it’s not with the Cubs.

Fortunately, we know some team, some where, will revert to the old Cubs ways of making excuses for and enabling Zambrano’s childish behavior just to land him in their rotation. All fine by me.

Such is life in professional sports. One team’s trash is another’s treasure. And the Cubs are way past due taking this load to the dump.

Where Zambrano ends up, I don’t know. Perhaps there’s a reunion with Larry Rothschild in New York, or a partnership with fellow countrymen Ozzie Guillen in Miami, or somehow he goes in compensation to Boston for Epstein’s services–wouldn’t that be nice!

More interestingly, it’s the WHY that has me most puzzled–as in WHY would any team trade for a declining pitcher with a huge salary and lengthy history of unprofessionalism? But that’s beside the point.

Reports surfaced this week that Royals GM Dayton Moore is interested in trading for Zambrano, which by all accounts is music to my ears, but absolutely hilarious at the same time.

Taking a big fish like Zambrano and placing him in a small pond like Kansas City would only further inflate his ultra-huge ego.

Carlos would instantly become the most recognized name on the Royals roster, a larger than life figure for a team without a national identity.

We’re talking about a guy who doesn’t play well with others, especially on a loser, and now he’s the big man on campus for a team that hasn’t finished above .500 in how long?

Tick, tick, tick…

This ticking time bomb is who the Royals want as a veteran leader and as a face of its franchise? Seriously?

A better situation for Zambrano, in my opinion, is playing for a large market contender in a city where Carlos won’t be the star of the show. With all due respect, K.C. is anything but.

But as I said before, whoever wants Carlos can have him. No questions asked.

The moment Zambrano walked out on his teammates in Atlanta is the moment I stopped caring about what was best for Carlos.

Large market, small market, Kansas City, wherever…you can have him. He’s all yours.

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