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The Z-Bomb For An A-Bomb?

By bullpenbrian at 11.14.2011 Leave a comment.

The Cubs need a third baseman. The Yankees need a starting pitcher.

Carlos Zambrano for Alex Rodriguez? Hmmm…

Chicago desperately needs to rid itself of Zambrano. Although trade options are limited, the Big Apple makes sense for a couple of reasons.

1.) Carlos would reunite with his former pitching coach Larry Rothschild.
2.) New York would give Zambrano the attention he desires, a legitimate chance to win, and humble him from being the main attraction playing on a team full of All Stars and future Hall of Famers.
3.) The Yankees could easily handle Zambrano’s contract.

Chicago, meanwhile, is searching for a replacement for Aramis Ramirez. No future prospects appear ready for the major leagues and the free agent market for 3B is a weak one.

A-Rod has six-years and roughly $143M remaining on his 10-year contract–12:$29M, 13:$28M, 14:$25M, 15:$21M, 16:$20M, 17:$20M. That’s a lot of dough, and a deal-breaker in all reality. 

Nonetheless, A-Rod could thrive in Chicago playing in another world class city that offers everything New York does, and play worry free without the constant New York media intrusion into his personal life.

It’s clear Tom Ricketts is doing everything he can to build the Cubs into a World Series contender, which similar to Zambrano, would be a sticking point with Rodriguez, as well.

Although Rodriguez already has a WS ring with New York, Chicago’s unique opportunity to win its first championship in more than 100 years must interest A-Rod on some level considering he was set to join Boston before the Players Union killed the deal that eventually landed him with the Bombers during the winter of 2003.

There’s a case to be made that a change of scenery would do both these men some good.

So, how about it? A childish 30-year-old hurler for a childish 35-year-old third baseman?

The Big-Z Bomb for an A-Bomb?

Good idea, bad idea?


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