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Brian’s Super Bowl Bash XII!

By bullpenbrian at 01.30.2012 1 comment.

Submit your Super Bowl winner, the final score, and most importantly, the MVP choice for any tiebreakers.

All entries must be submitted before the opening kickoff. Please send entries to bullpen_brian@yahoo.com

I’ll post the winner here on Monday. Bragging rights only!

Good luck!


New York – 27
New England – 20

MVP – QB Eli Manning

Previous Winners:

I: Big Mike Baltimore
II: Bullpen Brian New England
III: Heath Tampa bay
IV: Pickle New England
V: Pickle New England
VI: Talitha Pittsburgh
VII: Ed Indianapolis
VIII: Ed New York
IX: Talitha Pittsburgh
X: Heath New Orleans
XI: Gare Bear Green Bay
XII: ? ?

1 Comment

  1. Garbear says:

    New England 31
    New York 27


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