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Cubs Keep Feeding Energy Hog

By bullpenbrian at 05.27.2012 Leave a comment.

Losing streaks are like energy hogs. Keep bad habits long enough and they’ll eat you to death.

It’s happening to the Cubs right now. The losing streak is zapping the positive energy (what little there was to begin with) right out of the dugout.

I’m not questioning the Cubs physical effort, that’s been there. But the mental aspects are suspect, if for no other reason than the guys are trying too hard.  

Not much has gone right over the last 10 days, and what did go well hardly made a difference in winning a ballgame. It’s undoubtedly taking a mental toll on the club.

The frustrations are boiling over. Cubs players are repeatedly barking at themselves or flipping equipment in disgust. It’s a reassuring sign they care, but it also shows they’re nearing wits end.

The Cubs can’t let this awful streak grow any worse. It’s already snowballing out of control and carving an ugly scar on the face of the 2012 season.

Not to mention, energy hogs growing this big, this fast, don’t come without casualties. It could mean the end for hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, Ryan Dempster asking to be traded, or any number of scenarios that don’t end well for the men wearing Cubbie Blue.

It’s time the Cubs took the energy hogs to slaughter. It’s one thing to be supportive during a rebuilding year, but no one signed up to watch the Cubs simply roll over and die.

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