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Cubs Love Walking Opposing Pitchers

By bullpenbrian at 06.29.2012 Leave a comment.

Casey Coleman

Post updated June 30 to include Paul Maholm’s walk issued against opposing pitcher Bud Norris yesterday afternoon. Ahh!

I’ve had it watching the Cubs staff walk the opposing pitchers.

It happened three times during the Mets series: once by Randy Wells on Tuesday and twice by Jeff Samardzija on Wednesday. Paul Maholm joined the party Friday afternoon against Houston walking opposing pitcher Bud Norris.

The Cubs have walked an opposing pitcher nine times this season. NINE TIMES!

That’s the second worst mark in the majors only behind the Braves, who’ve issued 10 free passes to opposing pitchers.

Atlanta, however, actually has a run-scoring offense and a record 5-games above .500. In theory, they can overcome such a bone-headed mistake.

But when you’re the Cubs, where run support appears a foreign language to the lineup, walking an opposing pitcher is intolerable.

The one great benefit for National League pitchers is the breath in the order that comes with pitchers hitting ninth.

And most pitchers, it’s fair to say, are light hitters at best–not the guys you worry about beating you on the scoreboard.

That’s why wasting four pitches, at minimum, to put the pitcher on base, turn the order over and set up the big inning is simply inexcusable.

It’s bush league mistakes like this one that get a guy like Randy Wells DFA and Samardzija winless over his last four outings.

There’s a long list of problematic issues setting the course for a 100-loss season on the North Side. Walking the pitcher, however, is as easily correctable as it gets.

For heaven’s sake, Chicago. Stop the hijinks of walking the opposing pitchers. You have it tough enough as it is.


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