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Visitors of Wrigley Field, Your Attention Please

By bullpenbrian at 07.01.2012 4 comments.

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  1. rubynatdad says:

    If this is what I think it is, I agree 100 percent. This has been the bane of my baseball-watching experience since the 80s, and it’s not like you can ignore it!

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Yep. I’m afraid it’s what you’re thinking.


      The frequency at Wrigley Field this season is appalling. Not sure if it’s the tourist taking advantage of low ticket prices, or the losing that’s pushing Cubs fans to such shame ;)

  2. Kurt Smith says:

    I’ve always hated the wave. Especially at baseball cathedrals like Wrigley.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      San Diego, Miami…I get it. But Chicago, where we pride ourselves as loyal, attentive baseball fans…sorry, you still don’t do the wave–not even when the worst team in the majors is on the field!

      Thanks, Kurt.

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