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Starlin, Volstad & Game 162

By bullpenbrian at 10.03.2012 4 comments.

So much for the Cubs ending the season on a high note. Not even a win this afternoon can erase the embarrassment (and make no mistake, that’s what this is) of being shutout in consecutive home games against the major’s worst team.

As quickly as I acknowledge on Monday that the Astros would be the one team we could expect the Cubs to sweep to finish the season, I failed to mention the Cubs are equally the one club Houston could sweep to end the year–and it could very well happen with the Astros having won the first 2 games.

And over those last 2 games the Cubs have collected all of 6 hits, struck out 19-times and committed more errors (2) than runs scored (0).

  • Starlin’s 27th miscue of the season are two fewer than he had last season (29).
  • Not a good night for Alberto Cabrera (1-1, 5.48): 0.1 inning, 2 walks, 1 error, a wild pitch and 1 run allowed.
  • This was easily Chris Volstad’s (3-12, 6.31) best start of the season: 7.0 innings, 1 ER, 5 H, 6 K and no walks on 92-pitches. It’s too little, too late if you ask me. And I’d be disappointed if he’s back next spring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is, either. This club has zero starting pitching depth.
  • I made my final appearance of the season at Wrigley last night. Obviously, I’m pretty bummed the Cubs couldn’t come up with a better effort than what they showed. It’s going to be another long winter waiting for Opening Day with mixed emotions about the relief of this dreadful season coming to a close and the void of not having baseball on a regular basis. So here’s to Year 2 of the Rebuild.
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  1. sirrahh says:

    I was at the game last night, too. I was changing seats on the misplay that became a double, so I missed that one, but otherwise I didn’t cheer once. There was nothing to cheer for. I’ve never been to a game like that before. It was terribly disappointing.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Sirrahh: Yeah, what a night. And you’re right…there was virtually zero opportunities to cheer on the Cubs.

      Chicago appeared disinterested for the most part…and to be shutout at home against Houston in consecutive games…not acceptable.

      I hope Cubs finish the season with a win this afternoon…and I hope there’s more to cheer next season.

  2. lippy1 says:

    Clearly you guy didn’t want a rebuild, or you didn’t understand that it wouldn’t be pretty, The only problems I had this year was with Starlin playing so many games. It my eyes it effected his defense. Who cares if he plays 162 games or not. Many of these guys are, like Rizzo, Barney and Dejesus are tired and their bats show it. More days off are needed, and there is no reason not too. The best thing that happened was the firing of
    Oneri Fleita. He had just gotten far to comfortable here and was not going to fit in with the new way,

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