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Astros Uniforms As Dated As Space Shuttle

By bullpenbrian at 11.04.2012 2 comments.

Like the Astros’ new threads?

I posed the same question on Twitter and most of the responses were largely approving of the new uniforms. I like’em too, but I wish I loved them.

It’s so baseball the Astros stuck with tradition in favor of trying something new, something modern, something original.

I hate to rag on the downtrodden Stros’. But I get frustrated with baseball choking on old traditions. New ballparks built to look like old ballparks, and new uniforms that are essentially old uniforms.

Wasn’t the purpose of a uniform change to re-brand the Astros in preparation for its move from the National League to the American league? This looks like recycling, not re-branding.

Maybe they’ll grow on me…tradition, I guess.

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  1. jdgershbein says:

    I think people were secretly hoping that they’d go with those extremely lame, bright orange and mustard horizontal stripes.

    Talk about retro.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Oh my gosh, can’t even imagine had that happened. Awful!

      The Astros definitely didn’t take a step back with its ‘new’ uniforms…but they didn’t exactly move its brand forward, either.

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